Burley D’Lite Bicycle Trailer

Burley D’Lite

The Burley D’Lite bicycle trailer is Burley’s high-end offering in the kid’s bicycle trailer category. The basic offering includes the trailer, tow arm and hitch for bicycle use, and a safety flag.  It can seat either 1 or 2 children, and features an adjustable sun shade and elastomer suspension. The Burley D’lite has 20″ rear wheels, which provides a smooth trailer ride. Other important features include an adjustable handlebar, which doubles as a roll bar, 5-point harness and restraint system, tinted side windows, and reclining seats.

Add-on kits are required for additional functionality. The 2-wheel Stroller Kit converts the Burley D’Lite into a 4 wheel stroller. There is also a single wheel stroller kit, which can be installed and stay on-board while cycling. A Jogger Kit allows a 16″ jogger wheel to be installed on the Burley D’Lite, along with a hand brake.

The Burley D’Lite, without any add-on kits, starts at $629 (priced at REI).  Add on the stroller kit and the jogger kit and you are in for another $238, bringing the whole package to about $867! This is comparable in price to the high-end Chariot models, but well above the similarly positioned Zigo Mango X2 Complete. But Burley is one of the oldest brands of  kid’s bicycle trailers in the United States, so be prepared to pay a premium.

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