Zigo Mango Trailer/Jogger Stroller Hits Market

The Zigo Mango can operate as a bicycle trailer, a jogging stroller or an ordinary stroller, making it the ideal multi-functional family product. Bike in the morning, run in the afternoon, stroll in the evening. All the components needed to bike, jog, or stroll are included right out-of-the-box with the Zigo Mango X2 Complete.  Unlike some other brands, add-on kits are not necessary.

As a bicycle trailer, the Zigo Mango will work with bikes up to 29″. It tracks behind the cycle and allows for ample room for turns. It is stable even over curbs, thanks to built-in adjustable shocks and 20″ rear wheels.

Zigo Mango – Jogger Mode

For jogging, a 16″ jogging wheel connects to the same accessory mount used for the trailer arm. Using the leash, the Mango tracks true and can be pushed ahead.

As an ordinary stroller, the Mango glides brilliantly on 20″ rear wheels and 8″ front casters.  The caster wheels can be removed or positioned upward  when the Zigo Mango is used as a jogger or trailer.

The Zigo Mango features many premium features:

    • adjustable pushbar makes it comfortable for parents of all sizes
    • 20″ alloy wheels
    • dual drum brakes
    • 5-point harness
    • padded seats
    • rear pockets
    • reflective striping for safety
    • multi-level shock absorbers
    • folds compactly for storage

The Zigo Mango retails from $399 to $599, depending on where it is listed, making it one of the best values in the bicycle trailer category

Zigo Mango – Stroller Mode

The Zigo Mango bicycle trailer, jogger, stroller can only be purchased on-line at www.myzigo.com.

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